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  1. What are the ‘Stars' in the Report?
    The Index of Transactional Behaviour of an Enterprise was developed by ICAP CRIF with the aim of classifying the transactional behaviour of economic units during the previous five-year period. The results of classification are dynamically expressed by means of algorithms that were developed from the statistical processing of historic characteristics, both qualitative and quantitative. These characteristics are weighted according to their varying degrees of importance. The results of the classification (1 to 5 stars) may be used as a tool for making business decisions.
  2. What is ICAP CRIF Score?

    ICAP CRIF Score expresses an estimation of a company’s credit quality with respect to the probability of default and/or bankruptcy within a one – year time horizon. This estimation is based on an analysis of commercial, financial and trading data derived from public sources and interviews with the rated companies.

    The Evaluation of Creditworthiness (ICAP CRIF Score) is shown in a ten- grade scale (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2, E1 και Ε2) according to the following pattern: the closest the Creditworthiness of the enterprise is to grades (B2 → A1) the smallest possibility of inconsistency or even bankruptcy. On the contrary, as the classification of the company reaches low-grade scales (D2 → E2) the possibility of inconsistency or even bankruptcy becomes bigger. 

  3. What is the ICAP CRIF Score scale?
    Click here to open the pdf file presenting the scale of ICAP CRIF Score.
  4. I can not find a report that you have sent me. I wish to receive a copy without charge.
    (This also apply to Alert Services)
    Please see your Inbox in “My Account” section. If you cannot find the report there please contact our Customer Care at 210 72 00 050

Billing and Collections

  1. I received an invoice for a product I never received, who can I call for help?
    You can contact our Customer Care Department at +30 210 7200 050.The Customer Care Representative will review the situation and can resend the product within 24 hours.
  2. How do I get a copy of my invoice/usage statement?
    You can contact our Customer Care Department at +30 210 7200 050.The Customer Care Representative will send you a copy of your invoice/usage statement.
  3. My invoice is being sent to the wrong address, how can I get it corrected?
    You can contact our Customer Care Department at +30 210 7200 050.The Customer Service Representative will confirm the address information and submit a request to update the address on file.
  4. What number should I call to inquire about the status of a credit to an invoice or refund?
    You can contact our Sales Division at +30 210 7200 050. Your Sales Representative will help you with your request.

Technical Assistance

  1. What do I need to do if I forgot my password?
    At logon screen there is a button “Forgot my password” by clicking on it, the user is asked to enter his username and e-mail. Then a link is sent to that e-mail with the new password.
  2. How secure is your site?
    ICAP CRIF in order to achieve the maximum level of security has adopted the HTTPS protocol (256 bit encryption) to encode all the transactions performed between the users and the site. Additionally, before using the site services, the users will be asked to type the personal username and password. The system creates automatically a new session for each user that navigates the site and invalidates this session after 30 minutes.
    For even more security, the system requires from users to change their personal password every 4 months.
  3. Which web browsers are supported on icapb2b.gr?

    The icapb2b site has been tested and is compatible with the following browsers :

General Information

  1. What do I need to access the online icapb2b service?
    You must have an active ICAP CRIF contract for icapb2b site with ID and password to access this service. Our Customer Care will setup your ID and password for you and send them at your email.
  2. Can I view all reports stored in the Report Archive from all users under a specific Subscriber ID?
    To see all the deliverables of your company you must be administrator. If you are an administrator then please select: ->My Account ->Select a service ->    Open Filters-> Select all available users in the “Users” field
  3. How can add or remove a company or individual to “My Favorites” list?
    Whenever you see a company or individual you want to add to the “Favorites”, just click on the star that appears on the left of the entity’s name.
  4. Can I use my report to the court?
    The report is provided by ICAP CRIF for the sole use of the customer requesting it, or for confidential and internal use only.