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The Sector Reports are produced using the latest data available for Greek companies in the ICAP CRIF database and reflect the performance of the sector at the time. By aggregating the data of each company participating in the sector, be it an Enterprise or an SME, our Sector Report is a quick and reliable source for evaluating the risks and prospects of each sector in the Greek market:

  • Commercial Data
  • Credit Worthiness Evaluation (ICAP CRIF Score)
  • Sector’s Overall Payment Behaviour
  • Rankings
  • Top Companies
  • Distribution of companies per various criteria
  • Profitability
  • Aggregated Financial Statements
  • Aggregated Financial Ratios

All the information is broken down between Enterprises and SMEs to provide you with the most accurate data.

In our icapb2b platform, you can also find detailed information on any company included in the sector analysis, while also get a Sector Study, or request an Ad-hoc study, with in-depth intelligence about the investigated sector.