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In today's business world, some things are certain: there are changes in the economy, competition is intense, and because of the Web, business is transacting at a faster pace than ever before. There is a definite competitive need for organizations to use business information to understand their customers and partners better and to support the volume of decisions that now need to be made at the new speed of business. ICAP CRIF products and services can help you turn information into insight to develop conclusive, fact-based strategies that will help you gain a competitive edge and transform your enterprise into a nimble, customer-focused, more profitable business. As the leading provider of business information for credit, marketing and purchasing decisions in Eastern Europe, ICAP CRIF can help you perform a wide range of business analyses and face every new business challenge. 

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ICAP CRIF's products and services are drawn from the largest and most trustworthy database of its kind in Greece and Balkans. To help ensure the accuracy and completeness of our information, we use sophisticated data collection tools and daily update of our database. Our commitment to quality means that you receive the freshest, most relevant information to support your unique business decisions. Our vision is to help you find smarter, more efficient ways of addressing familiar business challenges by integrating information with analytics.